c-Watch 2020: Cyber Threat Hunting and Analysis Training

Course Information

Estimated Time: Three weeks, plus a one-week capstone.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: c-Watch

Section 1: October 5th - 9th
The Basics of Intelligence-Led Defense

Section 2: October 12th - 16th
The Fundamentals of Cyber Threat Hunting

Section 3: October 19th - 22nd
Adding Context from Social Media and Network Traffic

Section 4: October 26th - 30th
CAPSTONE – Hunting Threats to the US 2020 Elections

About the Course

Do you want to learn about cyber threat hunting? Let’s not kid ourselves, it is not possible to learn about such a vast field in four short weeks... But, we can at least scratch the surface.

In this course, you’ll be given exposure to key tools, intelligence tradecraft models, and important concepts that have emerged from the cyber threat analysis ecosystem. The coursework will commence each day for three weeks, to be followed by a Capstone week. The course runs October 5th through October 30th.

Course Instructors

Jane Ginn Jane Ginn
Nick Sturgeon Nick Sturgeon
Stephen Campbell Stephen Campbell
Doug DePeppe Doug DePeppe