Finding Your Startup

Course Postponed

Flywheel Coworking is pleased to offer “Finding Your Startup”. Ever wanted to be a founder of a startup, but don’t have an idea to get started? If so, this course is for you. The course will teach your how to recognize and evaluate potential startup opportunities that are all around you waiting to be found. The course will teach you how to have a mindset that observes and recognizes potentially great startup ideas. Think like an innovative founder. In addition you will learn how to evaluate opportunities and separate good ideas from bad. Fundable vs. not fundable. Doable vs. not possible. The course will use the text The Innovator’s DNA by Dyer, Gegersen, and Christiansen and other materials developed by the instructors to help develop the mindset of an innovator. The course is excellent preparation to get ready for a Startup Weekend or to take the Lean Startup Practices class. Your exit is waiting.

Class Format and Schedule

The instructor led course consists of 4 evening sessions. Currently the class has been postponed and may be rescheduled. The first hour of the instructor led class will include lecture and review of course materials. The second hour will consist of brainstorming and evaluating student ideas.